What is the main object of the FSE?

How is the purpose of the Federation for a Sustainable Environment defined?

According to the Articles of incorporation:

The Company shall be a public benefit, nonprofit, organization with the main object of promoting the ecological sustainability of development and the wise use of natural resources in South Africa.
Without derogating from the generality of the foregoing, the Company’s more specific objectives include,

  • to protect and promote environmental health and functional ecosystems for future generations
  • to ensure that developments involving the consumptive/destructive use of natural resources specifically benefit local residents and parties directly affected by the development
  • to inform all developmental decision making, including in planning and monitoring activities, that affect local people and natural and environmental resources
  • to promote sustainable and just social development as an inseparable consequence of large scale natural resource development projects
  • to take action, including legal action, in situations that may have negative social, economic or environmental impacts that affect people and the environment.

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