West Rand Basin – A presentation

Dr. Coetzee’s presentation shows in graphic form the impact of mining on the West Rand Basin.  Among the information is the alarming 100 tons of salt discharged, on a daily basis, within the Tweelopiespruit Catchment = five 20 ton trucks of salt a day!

The relevancy of this to our national water resources is this:  As the first of the goldfields to flood and decant to surface, the West Rand Goldfield provides valuable lessons and therefore the matter does not merely involve the municipal district of Mogale City, but is an issue of national importance.

Since the emanating of acidic mine water from the West Rand Basin impacts upon both the Limpopo River Catchment to the North and the Vaal River Catchment to the South, the matter is of concern to hundreds of thousands of downstream water users.

Download the presentation.

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