Open Letter to Platmin

The FSE considers it its moral and social duty to respond to the statements made by Platmin to the news media, the relevant organs of state and Platmin’s shareholders and the right of the said stakeholders to receive this information.

Platmin alleges that the “FSE’s intentions lack legitimacy and are without scientific base.”
Mariette Liefferink, CEO of the FSE responds:

I, on behalf of the FSE, had, with hyper-scrupulous attention to context and content, quoted verbatim from Platmin’s own reports. It therefore perplexes that these quotations are labelled by Platmin as lacking “legitimacy” and are “without scientific base.” It logically follows then that the information contained in Platmin’s own Reports (EIA/EMPR, including the Specialists’ Reports, the Comments and Response Report, Social and Labour Plan and IWWMP) lacks “legitimacy” and is “without scientific base” – by Platmin’s admission.

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