Know the Impact of Mining on Health and Environment

The Federation for a Sustainable Environment is meeting with community leaders to arrange environmental workshops.

Preparatory meetings with community leaders are underway, including a recent meeting with the Councilor for the Kagiso Constituency, namely Magaret Mohube and Headmistress of the Munsieville Primary School.

The purpose of the environmental workshops is to raise environmental awareness of the health and environmental impacts of mines upon local communities and the environmental rights of communities. It also addresses socio-economic issues.

Nicole Kranz is a PhD student from Germany, currently working under Dr. Anthony Turton’s (CSIR) supervision for her thesis case study. She is working on areas that overlap with the Western Basin Void Decant Technical Working Group’s areas of interest. Her case studies will focus on Acid Mine Drainage, and will have as an element, issues of regulation, but also issues of Corporate Social Responsibility. This is part of the core capacity the CSIR is starting to build in collaboration with Germany, where they face many of the same type of industrial problems, specifically in the former GDR where accountability is a key issue.

Marieke van Riet, is a researcher from the Netherlands who has been commissioned by the World Information Service on Energy (WISE) to do research on uranium/gold mines in South Africa, particularly the mines’ use of water and the possible effects on the local environment.

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