Presentations:Greater Pilansberg Water Forum Meeting

The Federation for Sustainable Environment presented at the Greater Pilansberg Water Forum Meeting, among other presenters.  These presentation are presented here to download.

The FSE opened with:

South Africa is at the transition point of “peak water.”
This is the moment in historic time when the economy transitions from a demand driven condition to a supply constrained condition
Peak water implies a supply constrained economy with a limited capacity to create new jobs – resultant social instability
2025 all four international river basins transition into Absolute Water Scarcity  – economic stagnation and potential social decay (without taking into account global climate change)
This suggests:
Transboundary River Basins will become the focal point of future hydropolitical risks and economic viability with particular reference to the Limpopo – likely to be the epicentre of sub-national economic stagnation and social decay:

  • Limpopo (2000) – more than double the accepted norm for social cohesion and economic viability (>2000 persons per flow unit per year)
  • Limpopo (2025) – more than 2.5 times the global norm for social cohesion
  • Western Limb of the Bushveld Igneous complex – intense mining activities

Download available:

Fred Van Zyl – Water Affairs

Federation for a Sustainable Environment

Sun International

Magalies Water




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