Mintails: Conditions for Water Use License

In  terms  of  Condition  12.9  of  the  authorised  Water  Use  License “The  Licensee  shall  attend  and  actively  participate  in  the  Wonderfontein/Loopspruit catchment  forum  to  which  the  Licensee  must  report  and  present  all  aspects  of  water management  as  contained  in  the  conditions  of  this  license  such  as  compliance  with  the licence  conditions  and  progress  with  all  investigations  in  terms  of  this  license  or  related  studies…”


There are numerous site specific conditions, including –

The  Licensee  shall  conduct  an  annual  internal  audit  on  compliance  with  the conditions  of this licence. A report on the audit shall  be submitted to the Regional Head within one month (i.e. 22 December 2013) of finalisation of the report, and shall be made available to an external auditor should the need arise

The  licensee  must,  within  24  hours,  notify  the  Regional  Head  of  the  occurrence  or potential  occurrence  of  any  incident  which  as  the  potential  to  cause,  or  has  caused water pollution, pollution of the environment, health risks or which is a contravention of the licence conditions.

The full set of conditions, and photographs taken on site may be downloaded.

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