“Fracking threatens our water resources” 64% vote yes

‘Fracking threatens our water resources’: This was the topic in the third of WWF and SAfm’s Decisive Debate series.

 The series provides an opportunity for dynamic, outspoken experts to engage directly with a range of hot topics in a live broadcast on national radio. The motion was inspired by government’s decision to move forward with exploration in the Karoo basin, a recognised water-scarce region. Should the public be concerned at the potential threat to freshwater availability and quality? How will these risks be mitigated? Should we frack at all? These were some of the questions and issues explored in the debate.

What ensued was a lively debate on both sides, with speakers including Jonathan Deal (CEO of the Treasure Karoo Action Group), Dhesigen Naidoo (CEO of the Water Research Commission) and Mariette Liefferink (CEO of the Federation for a Sustainable Environment) for the motion, and Ivo Vegter (an independent journalist), Ompi Aphane (Deputy Director-General: Policy, Planning and Clean Energy) and Pulane Kingston (a partner in Webber Wentzel’s Oil & Gas Practice) against the motion.

At the end of the show, listeners voted for the motion, with 64% of votes supporting the statement that ‘fracking threatens our water resources’.

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