DWS is not compliant on AMD

Mariette Lierfferink, CEO of the Federation for a Sustainable Environment states that while the Department of Water and Sanitation alleges that the Acid Mine Drainage situation is no longer a reason for concern, the investigation report by the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) adduces evidence to the contrary.

Liefferink recapitulates 32 points of non-compliance based on the inspection report of DEA.  The inspection of the immediate and short term interventions for the treatment of acid mine drainage within the western basin of the Witwatersrand Gold Fields. 

The non compliance includes – 

  • There is no nvironmental control officer (ECO) appointed for the project
  • There is no Waste Management Control Officer (WMCO) appointed for the project
  • There are no documents submitted to DEA
  • Environmental Audits are not conducted
  • There is no drainage system on site to deal with run-off water
  • No integrity tests have been conducted on the waterproof base

The recapitulation is available to download as is the full inspection report. 


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