Nuclearisation of Africa – a symposium

A symposium in Johannesburg from 16 to 19 November will address the nuclearisation of Africa.  The 4-day event will focus on Uranium mining and health, environmental, legal and socio-economic issues.  In addition one entire day will be devoted to to renewable energies.


In the Second Announcement for the Symposium a draft progranne of events is presented.  The organisers indicate that additional workshops will be arranged later and communicated in the final programme. 

Proposed Programme 

Monday 16th November

Welcome address by the South Africa Minister of the Environmental Affairs (invited) and the organizers
Winde F. : Uranium Mining in Africa Past, Present and Future
Fig D. : Dangers of further Nuclear Reactor Procurement in  South Africa (SA) and the Continent
Gilbert D. : Democracy, Nuclear Energy and Safety Issues in SA
Ramatlhodi N. : Honorary SA Minister of Mineral resources
Sweeney D. : Status and Future of Uranium Mining in Australia
Wippel G. : Economy of Uranium Mining
Schneider M. : The World Nuclear Energy Status Report 2015
Steele M. : Risks of Nuclear Energy for SA
Fairlie J. / Nidecker A. : Nuclear Energy and the Climate

Tuesday 17th November

Plenary 4 « Long Term Experience with Uranium Mining in Niger 
Plenary 5 « Legal Aspects of Uranium Mining 
Plenary 6 « Radioactive Contamination 
Plenary 7 « Health Effects Uranium Mining 

Wednesday 18th November

Plenary 8 « Environmental Impact of Mining Uranium and Heavy Metals »
Ruegg U. : Basics in Toxicology
Taylor J. : Recycling Radioactivity
NN : Monitoring Tailings and Acid Mine Drainage Ponds
Liefferink M : Excursion to West Rand Gold Fields Mining Region

Thursday 19th November

Plenary 9 « Potential of Renewable Energies 
Medici A : Photovoltaic Trends : Solar Mini-Grids and Swarm-Electrification
Padt A. : Igniting Africa from within – Fire evolution for cooking with solid biomass.
Adam F. : Renewable Energy is the Key to Development

Plenary 10 « People Interests 
Doyle D. : Women, Energy and Climate Change
Vernon N. : Greyton Transition Town
Gaullier N. : Sufficency : Lifestyle to Support Energy Paradigm Shift

Plenary 11 « Government Responsibilities and Options »
Davies E. : WWF Green Energy
Lakhani M. : Energy and the Zero Waste Philosophy
NN : SA governmental Programs supporting Renewable and Resource Utilisation

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