International Nuclearisation of Africa Symposium

The world has become sober to the unimaginable power of uranium after Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the nuclear accidents at Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and recently, Fukushima.
A new set of serious health problems, collectively known as Gulf War Syndrome, and epidemiological data from the Wismut cohort have become available to researchers.

Notwithstanding the afore-mentioned, uranium mining, milling and enrichment and nuclear energy continue to influence the energy production of various countries in particular South Africa and some African countries. As you may reflect, South Africa plans to build new nuclear plants costing as much as R1 trillion, which converted into US Dollars is about 72,834,600,000 USD. Construction of the first of three nuclear power stations could start next year.

Hence, this conference –  the International Nuclearisation of Africa Symposium organised by the IPPNW, a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, the African Uranium Alliance and the Federation for a Sustainable Environment. 

This symposium will explore several complex interconnected themes – environmental, health and legal aspects of the uranium cycle, including how to make progress towards the renewable energy.

Holding such a symposium would not have been possible without the invaluable support of the IPPNW, the and the sponsorship of Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung.

I would like to place on record our deep appreciation of the support and assistance of Mr. Gunter Wippel of and Prof. Andreas Nidecker of the IPPNW Switzerland in making this conference a reality.

Please download the final programme for the Symposium.  Find on the last page details for booking.  

Mariette Liefferink
Johannesburg, South Africa

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