Carte Blanche

Carte Blanche: “Nuclear Fallout”

Carte Blanche

A ground-breaking study is underway to investigate the extent to which uranium-rich waste, left over from 130 years of gold mining, is a health hazard for residents exposed to dust and contaminated water.


 Could hair samples hold the answer to devastating illnesses plaguing hundreds of Johannesburg residents?  Could this study bring hope to millions unwittingly living near radioactive waste on the Witwatersrand? Carte Blanche investigates.

View the clip here.

Erratum from Mariette Liefferink:

I refer to the Carte Blanche programme, titled “Nuclear Fallout” which was screened on Sunday the 10th of April 2016.  Allow me to correct the following statement.

I stated that strontium is one of the decay products of uranium.  It is, however, not a decay product but a fission product.  Dr. Dawid de Villiers, whom I copy on this e-mail, and whom I wish to thank, alerted me to my error in this regard.  Please accept my apology for this oversight.

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