Invitation by the DWS to participate in a working session regarding the draft National Water and Sanitation Master Plan: to be held on 2 February 2018 at the DBSA Conference Centre

The following preliminary comments on the National Water and Sanitation Master Plan (NW&SMP) are submitted on behalf of the Federation for Sustainable Environment (FSE).


The FSE is a federation of community based civil society organisations committed to the realisation of the constitutional right to an environment that is not harmful to health or well-being, and to having the environment sustainably managed and protected for future generations. Their mission is specifically focussed on addressing the adverse impacts of mining and industrial activities on the lives and livelihoods of vulnerable and disadvantaged communities who live and work near South Africa’s mines and industries.  


In accordance with the above-mentioned mission, the FSE’s comments are limited to matters pertaining to the mining industry. The FSE’s comments will be substantiated by real examples within the scope of the FSE’s experience and our active participation in a significant number of environmental impacts assessments, environmental management programme reports, water use license applications, environmental authorisations, steering committees, forums, task teams, teams of experts, academic research groups, boards, etc. over a period of 15 (fifteen years).


The FSE, with the support and representation of the Legal Resource Centre (LRC), is currently in the process of preparing additional comments on the NW&SMP.   In view of the aforesaid, we respectfully request allowance to refine and augment our preliminary comments.


The rest of the letter can be downloaded as a pdf.

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