NPC Pathways for a Just Transitions- Broader Stakeholder Workshop Invite 16 August 2018

Dear Colleague

The National Planning Commission (NPC) invites you to participate in a dialogue process on developing pathways for the just transition to a low-carbon, climate-resilient society.  As articulated in South Africa’s National Development Plan (NDP), specifically Chapter Five, the NDP envisages that by 2030, the country will have made headway in transitioning to a society that is just, inclusive, sustainable and resilient.

The intention over the coming months is to run two parallel engagement processes. One will involve key government, civil society, business and labour representatives in a Social Partner Dialogue Series. The second one will be a Broader Stakeholder Engagement which intends to open up the conversation to all stakeholders around the country, and inform the Social Partner Dialogue Series.

The aim of this process is to reach a social compact which will involve seeking an agreed vision and identified pathway for a just transition which addresses poverty, inequality, and unemployment.

Attached to this article please find the Briefing Notechapter 5 of the National Development Plan

which we hope you will be able to read before the workshop and a programme for the day.

 Kind regards,

Megan Hendrickse

Admin Assistant

Sustainable Energy Africa NPC

9b Bell Crescent Close


Cape Town


t:+27 217023622

m:+27 713149861


Sustainable Energy Africa is a not-for-profit organization supporting cities and other institutions with sustainable energy transitions

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