National Environment Month and some of the FSE’s contributions

National Environment Month is celebrated in the month of June. The South African government and environmental champions lead the way by raising awareness on all environmental issues. 

Environment Month Celebrations (17 June 2021) 

The Federation for a Sustainable Environment (FSE), in association with Gold Fields’ South Deep Mine, Rand Water, the local Councillor and Municipality, and the Provincial Department participated in a clean-up campaign of Simunye, a township within the West Rand of Gauteng on the 17th of June, 2021. 

The FSE, in association with South Deep Mine, donated R4,036 towards the campaign. The FSE, furthermore delivered a presentation on environmental issues and provided printed handouts of the presentation. 


The CEO of the FSE with the local councillor and Mrs Harmony Ntlemo of South Deep Mine
The CEO of the FSE delivering a presentation on environmental issues to residents of Simunye. 

Environment Month Celebrations (3 June 2021) 

The FSE was invited to participate in a cleaning campaign and Environment Day celebrations by the Hata-Butle Primary School in Khuma (North West Province) in association with the Department: Economic Development Environment Conservation and Tourism, North West Provincial Government. 

The FSE delivered a presentation with handouts and donated, in association with Harmony Gold Mining Company, 50 school bags, pencil cases, pens and textbooks. The FSE, in association with Isabella Pinto Liefferink, donated reading and activity books. 

The CEO of the FSE with the Headmaster of the Hata-Butle Primary School and learners engaged in the cleaning of the grounds adjacent to the School. 
Some of the learners photographed with school bags 
Chairperson and members of Tlhaho-Imvelo. The invitation to participate in the Environmental Day was extended by Tlhaho-Imvelo to the FSE. 

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