FSE’s Comments on the Application for a Water Use Licence in Support of an Application for a Mining Right at the West Wits Mine, Gauteng Province

“It is common cause that the Department of Water and Sanitation is experiencing a skills shortage. The NW&SMP found that “a secure water future will not be achieved without addressing the issue of capacity – the skilled people required to undertake the work.” The NW&SMP further states: “A skills gap analysis conducted by the WRC in 2015 looking at numbers of staff and their skills relative to required skills, showed significant skills gaps in water sector institutions, including DWS, CMAs, water boards and municipalities. ”We express the hope that the above-mentioned skill shortage will not compromise the regulatory authorities’ review of the IWWMP and the Integrated Water Use Licence Application…”

The FSE’s comments on the application and relevant documents can be downloaded below.

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