National Weekly Status of Reservoirs Report

The attached weekly bulletin indicates the following:

1. The total volume of surface water in storage nationally expressed as a
percentage of full supply capacity of 223 dams being monitored is for this week at
82.8%, a decrease from last week by -0.5% of the full supply capacity. Comparatively
this week’s storage volume is +13.7% higher than at the same reporting period last
year. Approximately 16% of the 223 dams are at storage volumes at or above 100%
of their full supply capacities, while 7.6% remains at storage volumes below 10% of
the full supply capacity for this week.

2. Most Provinces including Lesotho and Eswatini had experienced a decrease in
storage volumes from last week at an average of -0.6%. This is however, with an
exception of  Eastern Cape (+0.1%), Northern Cape (+3.8%), and the Western Cape
(+3%) that have experienced an increase from last week. The south-western parts of
the Northern Cape, the Western Cape and the south-eastern parts of the Eastern
Cape has in the last seven days received some rainfall.

3. The Eastern Cape Province has for this week experienced a slight increase of
+0.1%, with the Provincial storage volume at 50.5% of full supply capacity for this
week. All the major water supply systems in this Province (Algoa, Amathole, Klipplaat
and Butterworth) each remains at storage volumes below 32% of full supply capacity.
Comparatively to the same period of reporting last year, a decline is shown by the
Algoa (-8%); Amathole (-7.9%); and Kliplaat (-15.7%), while an increase is observed
for the Butterworth system (+5.5%).

4. The two large dams in the Algoa water supply system that supplies the Nelson
Mandela Bay Metro; the Kouga and Impofu Dams, remains at critically low storage
levels, for this week at 4% (almost empty) and 14.3% of full supply capacity,
respectively. The drought situation persists with both these dams showing a
decrease in % of full supply capacity compared to the same reporting period last year
by -3.3% and -2.8%, respectively. All water users must use water sparingly and
comply to water use restrictions being implemented.

5. All major water supply systems across the Country have continued to experience a
decrease in storage volumes at an average rate of -0.69%, this is true for this week
with an exception of the Cape Town system (+2.5%). The Cape Town System is for
this week at 95.7% of full supply capacity – with a storage volume that is +18.9%
higher than the past year.

6. The two large dams in Lesotho (Katse and Mohale Dam), which form part of the
Integrated Vaal River System are at a combined water storage volume of 56.7% of
the full supply capacity. The Integrated Vaal River System has experienced a
decrease from last week by -0.7%, and is currently at 86.7% which is comparatively
+23.1% higher than last year. The Vaal Dam and Bloemhof Dams are at 92.8% and
106.2% of their full supply capacities, respectively; while the Gariep and Vanderkloof
Dams are at 90.5% and 99% of their full supply capacities, respectively.

Khathutshelo Joshua Rasifudi on behalf of Dr Moloko Matlala
Dr Moloko Matlala MSc (UL), PhD (UP), STD, Pr. Sci. Nat.
Chief Director: National Water Resource Information Management

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