FSE’ S facilitation of site visits of home gardens in Ekurhuleni, 22 March 2024

The FSE, was requested by the Riverlea Mining Forum, Let’s Grow Organisation and members of the Riverlea and Pennyville communities to facilitate engagements and site visit of home gardens within Ekurhuleni with DRD Gold (Ergo) and Umsizi Sustainable Social Solutions as part of DRD Gold’s socioeconomic development programme, titled Broad-Based Livelihoods (BBL).  The engagements were facilitated by the FSE, the site visits were hosted by DRD Gold and Umsizi and Mr Michael Benham, the founder of Let’s Grow Organisation, organised the participation of members of DRD Gold’s host communities within Soweto.

The site visits were conducted on the 22nd of March 2024 and the FSE accompanied Mr Benham, officials from DRD Gold and Umsizi, and members of the communities to home gardens in Ekurhueni.  The purpose of the site visits was to introduce the participants to the BBL programme and to showcase the home gardens.

The hosts committed to meet with Let’s Grow Organisation and members of the communities to discuss training on livelihoods programmes and implementation of the BBL programme within Riverlea.

Photographs were supplied by Umsizi.

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