Government Notices

1.The name of this Department of Environmental Affairs has changed to the Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment (DFFE) with effect from Thursday, 01 April 2021. The substitution and designation of names for national departments, offices of premiers and heads of provincial departments were published on 5 March 2021 in Government Gazette 44229 (Notice No. 172) in terms of the […]

Hof straf mynhuis

Anker Kole, ’n Nederlandse steenkoolmynhuis, is in die Ermelo-streekhof met R304 000 beboet omdat sy werknemers en konsultante tydens prospektering ’n vlei op die plaas Steenkoolspruit in die Usuturivier beskadig het.

Environmental Crimes – Appointed Advocates

LIST OF APPOINTED ADVOCATES IN THE NPA DEALING WITH ORGANISED ENVIRONMENTAL CRIME MATTERS, HEAD OF UNIT: ADV JJ KRUGER 1. Adv Dania Bruwer: National Co-ordinator, Head OfficeTel: (012) 842-1427; 084 821 1929Fax: (012) 845 7075E-mail: 2. Adv Lawrence Gcaba: DPP Johannesburg (South Gauteng)Tel: (011) 220-4095; 084 261 3811E-mail: 3. Adv Hein van der […]

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