FSE’s submission on the National Nuclear Regulator Amendment Bill

According to the document titled “The amendments proposed by this Bill were published in the Government Gazette No. 44749 of 22 June 2021 for public comments”: “Comments by interested and affected parties were considered. A series of consultations was undertaken with industry and other key sector stakeholders. Accordingly, the general public and institutions at large […]

NECER Report

“The 21/22 financial year marks the 15th year in which DFFE has collaborated with its provincial and local counterparts and statutory bodies to develop the National Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Report (NECER); a joint publication that aims to provide an overview of environmental compliance and enforcement activities undertaken by the various environmental authorities over the […]

Environment minister in crosshairs over proposed amendment to environmental regulations | Mail & Guardian

Article written by Sheree Bega | 9 February 2022 “Forestry, Fisheries and Environment Minister Barbara Creecy has gazetted a proposed amendment to environmental regulations that make it mandatory for any person who wants to submit environmental appeals to appoint a registered environmental assessment practitioner (EAP) to conduct the appeal. This proposal, made on New Year’s Eve, has sparked deep […]

Government Notices

1.The name of this Department of Environmental Affairs has changed to the Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment (DFFE) with effect from Thursday, 01 April 2021. The substitution and designation of names for national departments, offices of premiers and heads of provincial departments were published on 5 March 2021 in Government Gazette 44229 (Notice No. 172) in terms of the […]

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