Dust Management in Gold Mining Regions

A critical evaluation of the challenges facing dust management within gold mining regions of South Africa  by JJ Martins Extract: “…the biggest challenge within this area is that neither districts nor gold mines receive any assistance nor do they report to government with regards to their dust management programme. This poses a challenge as it limits […]

Crown Mine Art and Music College – the hazards

Mariette Liefferink presented “Radiological Impacts, Health Risks and Hazards  to Staff and Students of the Crown Mine Art and Music College pertaining to Mine Residue Deposits”. The opening statement of the presentation sets the scene for serious risk to ecosystems, the life sustaining ecological systems on which we rely –

Mitigation measures at Uranium Mines

Uranium mining operations have high impacts on environment and society, and can lead to deterioration of health of workers and communities. Uranium mining activities are increasing in Africa, where mining is not always strictly regulated and controlled. Mitigation of negative impacts from uranium mines by national governments and international mining companies can have a positive […]

Another AMD report, new and different findings

Following a request by two major banks, the Mine Water Research Group of the North-West University, conducted a desk-top study to assess how far underground infrastructure in the CBD of Johannesburg may be affected by rising mine water levels in the Central Rand. This follows the approval by Cabinet to allocate R225 million to mitigate […]

Scientist reviews NNR Report

Wonderfonteinspruit has resulted in contamination of parts of the region with mine spoil and tailings containing heavy metal, uranium and thorium series residues, the latter properly termed Technologically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material – TENORM.

Proactive environmental activism to promote the remediation of mined land and acid mine drainage: a success story from the South African goldfields

Abstract With more information on environmental research reports at the disposal of the general public, a new type of activism has been visible in South Africa since 2007. This new type of activism entailed, amongst others, a more informed activist empowered with more freedom of speech and a right to information (according to the rights […]

Defects of design and implementation

In this document Prof Tracy Humby analyzes the extent to which mining taking place in close proximity to communities surrounding Ermelo is out of balance, falling short of the mechanisms established for sustainable mining in policy and legislation. It proceeds to suggest the main reasons for this shortfall in terms of defects of design and […]

Minimum Requirements for Waste Disposal by Landfill

Minimum Requirements for Waste Disposal by Landfill, issued by the Department of Water Affairs & Forestry is the Second Edition, 1998 in the Waste Management Series. In this document, the procedures, actions and information which may be required from an applicant when permitting a landfill, or written into a permit as conditions, are set out […]

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