Mail & Guardian report titled “Sewage crisis: Mogale City and the Cradle of human waste” and the FSE’s report

FSE’s Report The Federation for a Sustainable Environment (FSE) facilitated the site visits to the Percy Stewart WWTWs, and the upstream and downstream pollution sources within the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site on the 16th of February 2024.   BACKGROUND “Subject: RE: RIVERS OF THE CRADLE OF HUMANKIND – STATUS OF THE DFFE’S INVESTIGATIONS? Dear […]

National Weekly Status of Dams Report (Bulletin) – 11 September 2023

The volume of surface water storage is expressed as a percentage of a combined full supply capacity (FSC) of 221 dams nationally. The enclosed weekly bulletin indicates the following: 1. Nationally surface water storage for this week is at 91.4% of the FSC, this is higher than last year during the same period by 0.7%. Nationally storage decreased by 0.6% as compared […]

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