Report on the Sustainable Resource Management Project to ensure water security in the Limpopo River Basin.

The FSE recently participated in a sustainable resource management project to ensure water security in the Limpopo River Basin, an initiative for a transboundary hydro-economic model (SusTraL project).  The SusTraL project is bringing together research institutions in South Africa (University of Cape Town, Federation for Sustainable Environment), Germany (Kiel University; Kiel Institute for the World Economy), Botswana […]

National Water and Sanitation commissions presentations

The FSE participated in the National Water & Sanitation Summit and the Commissions on the 18thand 19th of February 2022. The various Commissions addressed Water Resource Management and Climate Change (Commission 1); Financial Sustainability of the Water and Sanitation Sector (Commission 2); Water Shortages – Delivery Mechanisms by Municipalities and Water Boards (Commission 3);Integrated Sanitation Plan […]

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