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Northern Farm's Bovelder herd to be sold

Written by  Friday, 19 March 2010 15:05
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On 14 April Northern Farm's 2 000 Bovelder cattle go under the hammer. The Bovelder breed has been developed over decades on Northern Farm and it has played a major role in the beef industry, providing thousands of top quality genetic breeding stock all over Southern Africa.

Joburg Water has given notice that all farming activities must be terminated within the next few months. That involves selling the entire Bovelder herd and all the farm equipment. Some 70 contract staff will be laid off. The reason given is that farming is not part of Joburg Water's core business.

Notice has also been posted for an application to deproclaim the Diepsloot Nature Reserve which was proclaimed in 1960. This nature reserve includes both Northern Farm and Northern Works, on both sides of the R114 and the N14. There is also an application for a major housing development south of the N14 highway. However, this application includes the portion between the R114 and the N14, where the core of Northern Farm's operations is located: offices, bull station, Paradise Bend School, staff quarters and community centre.

Apart from agriculture the farm's open spaces and trails are enjoyed over weekends by thousands of mountain bikers, birdwatchers, hikers and horse riders. About 300 birds have been identified on the reserve which is part of SA Birdlife's birding route. A full Olympic standard equestrian course is used for annual shows.



The FSE, in association with Gold Fields’ South Deep Mine, donated 40 white Karee Trees (Searsia penduline) during Arbor Week to the mining affected community of Simunye in the West Rand and participated in the tree planting ceremony with the community of Simunye, the local Municipality and officials from South Deep Mine.  The FSE also delivered a presentation during the ceremony.

"Varkies" gou op hok, maar als nie pluis | Beeld

Article also available for download as an attachment.

Radon Alert - Carte Blanche

Millions of South Africans are exposed to radioactive radon gas in their homes and workplaces every day, as the naturally occurring gas escapes through cracks in the earth. The second leading cause of lung cancer in several countries, radon breaks down and when inhaled, decaying atoms emit alpha radiation that can damage the DNA. There are no safe levels of radon concentration. The United States Environmental Protection Agency emphasises any radon exposure has some risk of causing lung cancer. Carte Blanche investigates why South Africa has no regulations to protect against radon accumulation in the home and what you can do to test your home and prevent lung cancer.   Watch the video here.

WITS Economics & Finance Courses: Mining for Development: The Taxation Linkage

Economics & Finance Courses at the University of the Witwatersrand. Mining for Development: The Taxation Linkage - Understand taxation for development and sustainability in mining. View the course here. Enrolment starts on the 7th of October 2019.