FSE assists Pan African Resources with community training programmes and the distribution of food to Soul City, Kagiso

The FSE, as part of Pan African Resources’ community training programmes on tailings and the management of Tailings Storage Facilities (TSFs), assisted with the distribution of food to Soul City Informal Settlement on Saturday, the 16th of March 2024.  The FSE’s participation in the programmes is as an independent party and not as an employee, agent […]

The FSE has been selected as a finalist in the 2019/2020 NSTF-South32 Awards

The FSE has been selected as a finalist in the NSTF-South 32Awards.  The NSTF Awards were established in 1998 as a collaborative effort to recognise outstanding contributions to science, engineering and technology (SET) and innovation by SET-related professionals and organisations in South Africa. This includes experienced scientists, engineers, innovators, science communicators, engineering capacity builders, and […]

Annual Report – 2013

The FSE has published it annual report.  Koos Pretorius, Chairman of the FSE,  wrote a compelling report.  The full annual report is an attachment.  We are gratified at the performance of the Federation for a Sustainable Environment (FSE) during 2013.In my seven years as chairperson of the FSE I have had the privilege to see […]


The main business of the Federation for a Sustainable Environment is to represent the interests of ordinary people in understanding and defending their constitutional rights, which specifically include  Section 24 of the constitution by having an environment that, is not harmful to health and well being  is protected for present  future generations, and  by implementing […]

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