Daily Maverick: “Our Burning Planet – Thirstlands of EAPASA: The Failures of Our Environmental Regulator” by Kevin Bloom

“As the legislated frontline in the battle against ecosystem collapse, the Environmental Assessment Practitioners’ Association of South Africa is meant to hold a critical professional sector to account. But, as the case of Dr Kenneth Singo shows, the regulator is not doing its mandated job. If the country’s priceless biodiversity is to survive, a whole […]

FSE’s Comments on the Application for a Water Use Licence in Support of an Application for a Mining Right at the West Wits Mine, Gauteng Province

“It is common cause that the Department of Water and Sanitation is experiencing a skills shortage. The NW&SMP found that “a secure water future will not be achieved without addressing the issue of capacity – the skilled people required to undertake the work.” The NW&SMP further states: “A skills gap analysis conducted by the WRC […]


A Twitter message from someone in Turkey who recently saw Jozi Gold…. “Greetings from Turkey! I just wanted to say I watched your documentary ‘Jozi Gold’ and it was quite heartbreaking. I didn’t know mining could give rise to these issues, let alone be the second greatest threat just following climate change. Therefore I can […]

FSE:Comment on DWA AMD Solution

The FSE is of the firm opinion that many persons and companies want to financially profit from the current situation. This is resulting in failure to holistically identify and manage the AMD impacts and challenges. The reason might partly be that the situation is a political problem as well.

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