FSE’s submission on the National Nuclear Regulator Amendment Bill

According to the document titled “The amendments proposed by this Bill were published in the Government Gazette No. 44749 of 22 June 2021 for public comments”: “Comments by interested and affected parties were considered. A series of consultations was undertaken with industry and other key sector stakeholders. Accordingly, the general public and institutions at large […]

Pouring poison

People are living in close proximity to dangerous mine dumps. Meanwhile, government is moving slowly to address the problem Nthabiseng, Gloria and Lauren have been living in Tudor Shaft informal settlement near Krugersdorp for “five or six years”, since leaving Polokwane to find work. They have matric, but there are “no jobs, no bursaries, no […]

The battle over uranium: Just how bad is it?

One of the most abundant heavy metals in the earth’s crust, uranium is a known radiological element and toxin. It is also a major by-product of gold mining, historically one of South Africa’s greatest economic undertakings. The country additionally began mining specifically for uranium in 1949, primarily for export to the United States and other […]

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