Modern Mining December 2022 edition – FSE’s comments on the Jagersfontein TSF failure and closure

Refer to pages 26 to 28 of the latest edition of Modern Mining for the article. “The Jagersfontein tragedy that took place in September has shone the spotlight on the increasing rate of tailings dams’ failures and the impact such incidents have on lives, infrastructure and the environment. According to  Mariette Liefferink, CEO of the […]

FSE Comment on Joburg SDF

Academics and the FSE consider residential townships, edible crop production and livestock grazing to be high risk land-uses for tailings storage facilities (TSFs), TSF footprints and areas within aqueous or aerial zone of influence of TSFs and metallurgical plants in South Africa. Failure by regulators and industry to agree on suitable ‘soft’ end land-uses and […]

Tailings Storage Facility

It has been noted, not without serious concern that the Project will result in: The loss of a wetlands system and that no mitigation methods can be realistically prescribed for this activity; The placement of the TSF within or next to wetland areas will impact on the underlying geohydrology of the system; The surface hydrological […]

Reclamation of Mine Residue Areas for Development Purposes

The FSE has commented on Gauteng Department of Agriculture and Rural Development’s project to reclaim mine residue areas for future development purposes. “If we were to judge the future environmental impacts of the reclamation of tailings dams grounded upon the current environmental impacts and management of the reclamation of tailings dams, we have reason for […]

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