Mitigation measures at Uranium Mines

Uranium mining operations have high impacts on environment and society, and can lead to deterioration of health of workers and communities. Uranium mining activities are increasing in Africa, where mining is not always strictly regulated and controlled. Mitigation of negative impacts from uranium mines by national governments and international mining companies can have a positive […]

Hazards of Uranium

Uranium mining and processing poses a tremendous threat to workers and the population in the surrounding areas through the release of radiation and exposure to heavy metals and chemicals.

Uranium in the Karoo: what it may mean

The social and environmental costs associated with uranium mining are difficult to predict and regulate. By the time environmental and socio-economic consequences become noticeable, the mines have typically closed, changed ownership or become insolvent and thus cannot be compelled anymore to contribute to the remediation, either financially or through other actions. The trust funds are […]

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