Wonderfonteinspruit – the unaddressed questions

Notwithstanding the establishment of the Wonderfonteinspruit Regulators Steering Committee on the 21st of December 2007 and  admirable intentions of the Wonderfonteinspruit Regulators Steering Committee to address an urgent environmental matter, and the honourable Minister’s response, the following issues remain unaddressed at the time of writing:

Scientist reviews NNR Report

Wonderfonteinspruit has resulted in contamination of parts of the region with mine spoil and tailings containing heavy metal, uranium and thorium series residues, the latter properly termed Technologically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material – TENORM.

The battle over uranium: Just how bad is it?

One of the most abundant heavy metals in the earth’s crust, uranium is a known radiological element and toxin. It is also a major by-product of gold mining, historically one of South Africa’s greatest economic undertakings. The country additionally began mining specifically for uranium in 1949, primarily for export to the United States and other […]

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